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Lees Summit, MO


Longview Farm has an interesting history, dating back to its development near Kansas City, MO in the early 1900s by lumber baron and philanthropist Robert A. Long. Long spared no expense in fulfilling his dream, hiring over 2,000 workers and spending millions of dollars to build an innovative, self-sufficient and grandiose farm in 18 months. Nicknamed “The World’s Most Beautiful Farm,” Longview boasted over 50 structures on 1,700 acres, including greenhouses, a show horse arena, “dairy palace,” chapel, racetrack, schoolhouse, blacksmith, post office, and, of course, the 22,000-square-foot 48-room mansion. At its peak before World War II, the farm employed about 200 people and was renowned for its prize-winning horses and purebred Jersey cows that provided milk for the region. Robert Long’s daughter, award-winning horsewoman Loula Long Combs, lived at Longview with her husband until her death in 1971.


For decades after Loula’s death, dozens of structures sat abandoned and fell into disrepair; land was sold piecemeal to different investors until 1997, when public interest in preserving the historic buildings began to grow. Today, New Longview is a housing community and several buildings have been restored. Our tables are built from part of the 7 miles of cypress fence that surrounded the property, as well as 100-year-old pine wood from the 40,000-sq.-ft horse arena. Half of all profits from the Longview Farm tables sold at their show were donated to support the New Longview Foundation.


For Barnwood Trays purposes, this barn has been retired.