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My fiancé and I just wanted to take a moment to thank you. We were really excited to buy the trays for our parents’ gift at our upcoming wedding. We think that this is something they will not only find useful, but will also provide them with an attractive furniture piece…After reading the card more closely, that barn stood on a farm that is owned by a good friend of my parents’. I am sure that they will love it.
— Jeff C.
We were at the Omaha Arts Festival back in June and purchased a tray. I love it! It is on our kitchen table and catches the excess stuff that seems to accumulate on our table, bills, pens, newspaper, etc. It is very special and as I said I just love it. I grew up on a farm in Petersburg, NE and love the old barns. It is great that you can make such special memories from them.
— Kathy J.
We have had our new table for a week and we love it! Dan and his team did a great job! We walked in and told him what we wanted, and he made it for us! Easy to work with and very friendly and helpful! Thank you!
— Dawn M.
Thanks Dan Vollmer at Barnwood Trays for creating our new silverware tray from part of a 100-year-old Iowa barn!!
— Boiler Room Restaurant
I just received my tray. Beautiful! I cannot wait to see my husbands face when he opens this. The whole process to order-seamless. THANK YOU!!
— Lori A.
My husband and I both grew up on Iowa farms and I have a deep love of old barns…The smell of an old barn and the feel of the old wood where the years of animals rubbing against a wood stall is like nothing else, to me anyway. It’s very nostalgic, as are your pieces. Thanks for working so hard to make such special pieces for people like me to enjoy.
— Angela C.
I LOVE your trays!!! I have purchased 2 as gifts and I’m in the process of getting a picture and the history of the barnwood I have from my dad’s childhood farm, so I can have you make a tray from it.
— Laurie W.
Today I received my two barnwood trays made from the very barn my Grandfather Nyle built along with his Uncle Trilby in 1958 on his Brayton, Iowa farm…These trays I received will continue on for generations, passing down to my children, grandchildren and so on. They will be passed on with the shared stories of their Great Grandfather, Grandfather, Great Grandmother, Great Uncles and Great Aunts who worked and were raised on the farm passing by and touching these very pieces of wood that have been beautifully recreated into something memorable.
— Mistie G.
These trays are wonderful. I love the character of each tray. I have purchased two and enjoy both of them. You people at Barnwood Trays have got it together!
— Lois S.
Your tray made it to Pennsylvania! Its new home is on a table made from barnwood in a home built in the 1850s. My sister and her new husband loved the tray and they filled it with river rocks they collected on their honeymoon. I love giving your trays as gifts!
— Jean W.
Love my new barnwood tray I got at the Junk Jubilee in Des Moines! My husband and kids thought the history of the barn on the bottom of the tray was cool. You guys were great to talk to and I enjoyed hearing your story. Thanks for helping me pick out the perfect tray!
— LizAnne E.
I am loving the two trays I bought yesterday at the Home Show. Now to decide where to put them, they look great everywhere. Keep up the “wood” work!
— Diane R.
So glad we found you. The trays we bought at Rockbrook Village today look wonderful in our family room. I’m telling everyone I know about your beautiful and meaningful work.
— Once Upon a Firefly Vintage and Handmade Delights